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The first phase in the development of a complex project is the specification ellaboration and the analysis in order to determin the best solutions, both hardware and software.  We are beside the customer from this very first phase, our specialists participating at the definition of the specification, so that the software offers the best possible solution to the customer's problems. 

In the same time, we offer several options regarding the technical solutions, the customer being able to choose, based on cost/effectiveness ratio, the best one.

After the development phase and implementation of the program, we provide the training in order to allow the customer to use the software at its best performance. We also propose our customers a maintenance contract. 

To summarize, we observe the following steps in the development of any project:

  • system audit;
  • setting the constraints; 
  • definition of the scope and estimation of the project complexity; 
  • estimation of the phases; 
  • setting the production plan; 
  • setting the change control plan; 
  • setting the communication protocol with the customer; 
  • setting the test plan; 
  • setting the training plan; 
  • post-implementation support and maintenance contract.

Tech & Support

To sign a software development contract or to sell software is not a simple thing. The customer can't touch or see what he buys. In fact, he buys a promission that the software will make his life easier and help him increase his profit. Thus, it is very important to help the customer in every way possible, and the technical support has an important role.

Starting from this philosophy, we have a close contact with our customers and have a very short reply time to any request.

In the same spirit, we implemented a real-time online support system, which allows the users to communicate with our support department and let the operator to remote control his/her computer in order to identify the problem and solve it.